We partner with like-minded believers to spread the gospel locally, regionally, and globally (Acts 1:8). We aim to serve alongside, give to, and otherwise promote ministry organizations to advance the gospel through evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. These are people and groups with whom we align theologically, missionally, and who demonstrate a strong commitment to the local church.



Together we are strengthening churches, developing leaders, planting churches, and caring for pastors.

‚ÄčNAB Northwest exists to resource, network, and enable local churches to become disciple-making congregations to the glory of God. ‚ÄčThe North American Baptist Conference is a family of over 400 churches with more than 74,000 worshippers in the United States and Canada. Founded by an immigrant missionary, North American Baptists are a diverse group of believers representing many cultures and languages.


Together with ________*, we are committed to the advancement of the gospel among unreached peoples.

*Based on the sensitive nature of our work we are unable to publically name the organaization that we work with online.

Together we support, resource, and equip a team of frontline church planting pastors in India who are reaching many who have never heard the gospel before.


Ostrander Family | LaOlam Africa 

We have commissioned, sent, and provide on going support to the Ostrander family as members of Legacy Church serving the Lord on mission in the D.R. Congo and Burundi through LaOlam Africa. Learn more about their work at