Kids Discipleship


Children are very important to us as a church, and we value them as a central part of our community. All Legacy Kids Discipleship classes including our nursery, are dismissed midway through our service and children are checked in/out downstairs in front of the classrooms. While you are there check out our Family Resource Center and Children's Library full of discipleship resources. . We invite you to use the time in the service with your children to be discipling them as they observe and participate with you in corporate worship together.


Birth through 2’s: Nursery

The nursery is for children 2 years old and younger. Using the Truth78 Sure Foundation Curriculum, your child will be prayed for, cared for, sang to, and told short Bible stories. We focus on speaking foundational truths about who God is over your child in a gentle and loving environment.


3 year Old’s Through Kindergarten: Preschool

The curriculum for our preschool students, Ready to Worship, provides an age-appropriate way for them to experience rather than merely learn about worship. It is based on the Montessori principles of early childhood learning that teaches kids the wonder of God through play and hands-on storytelling. The foundational truths, attributes of God, and message of the gospel are woven in and through all that is done in a very intentional and thoughtful way. 


Grades 1-3: Elementary

The curriculum for elementary students is from Truth78. We rotate through three topics, focusing on one topic per year. Jesus, What a Savior! teaches we are all helpless sinners, deserving of God’s eternal wrath. Children need to hear this truth so that they, like us, can turn to the perfect and only remedy—the free gift of salvation through Jesus the Savior! The ABC’s of God is a study for children on the greatness and worth of God using the alphabet as a framework for learning the attributes of God and other terms that describe His character. Faithful to all His Promises teaches God's character is trustworthy; therefore, His promises are true and reliable. Through Bible literacy, memory, and Truth78 lessons, this class continues to reinforce who God is and weekly presents the message of the gospel.

Serving Opportunities

If you are a member of Legacy Church and interested in serving with Legacy Kids complete the application below and email it to or turn in at the Legacy Kids registraion table on a Sunday morning.