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Summer Campout

Join Legacy Church for our 4th Annual Church Campout. Every summer this is a time for our church community to intentionally get away from much of the busyness and distractions in our everyday lives in order to rest, play and fellowship as we enjoy God together. This is a great time to make new friends as well as strengthen existing friendships in our community.


  • When: August 20-23, 2020

  • Where: Bryce Creek Campground is an awesome private campground in the woods on Sumas Mountain near the Canadian border. There is a sweet disc golf course, a playground with both group and individual campspots for tents or RV's/trailers, a huge field, a large covered area, trails to explore, and lots of room to for kids to run, play or ride bikes. There are nice restroom facilities with electricry, warm water, and showers. Note: There is no cell service at the campground and we prefer it this way.

  • Directions: From the South Pass Rd. turn North on Heady Rd. to find Bryce Creek Campground turnoff on the right. Follow the main gravel road striaght to the campground without turning on any of the side roads that veer off to the right. GPS Coordinates: (48.993165, -122.135618)

  • What to bring: Camping stuff. Play stuff. Relax stuff. Stuff to drink. Stuff to eat. Firewood. Music stuff.

  • Cost: Individual $30, Couple/Family $60. Email to request financial assistance. We don't want finances to be the reason someone isn't able to come.

We will be having our Sunday Worship Service at the campground on this Sunday, August 23.