Legacy Explored

This class is designed as an introduction to Legacy Church. It is a comprehensive course offered to anyone, suggested for everyone, and required for those who wish to become a covenant member of the Legacy Church family.

We believe that God has brought you here for a purpose, and we are dedicated to helping you discover, cultivate, and fulfill that purpose.

These four sessions serve as a basic starting point. It is a basic introduction to who we are, what believe, what we do, and lots of why we do it. We trust that this class will answer some commonly asked questions about the gospel of Christ, the body of Christ (church), the mission of Christ, and how that all finds meaning in Legacy Church.

Through reading the material provided, and discussing it in class, we hope you will begin to see how we understand our family values, our doctrinal convictions, our philosophy of ministry, and our mission in this world.

It is very likely that some of your more specific questions may remain unanswered and new ones will be formulated. Knowing this, we encourage you to freely ask any question during the class for clarification or contact any of the pastors to obtain the answers.

Legacy Explored is offered quarterly throughout the year. Use the link below to let us know you are interested in taking Legacy Explored the next time it is offered.